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Air Conditioning Filters – How They Can Help Avoid Common AC Issues

If you want to minimize indoor air pollution either in your property or place of work, then it will be a good idea to rely in an air conditioning system. To maintain the quality and efficiency of your HVAC system, you must be sure that the filter is always in good form.

Most Common Problems You Will Face In Your AC Filters

There are basically 5 indications that your air conditioning filters needs replacement and this include: Evaporator coil ices up, extended usage, collapsing filters and unit stops cooling for no evident reasons. We are going to identify how each problem affects your filter and some quick fix to it further below.

Evaporator Coil Ices Up – this is basically a very common problem with majority of ac units and which is also related to the load conditions or air flow. Air conditioning unit are engineered to have minimal amount of air flow for every ton of cooling. Normally, evaporator coil ices up when the air flow falls under the required amount. It will be very useful to use MERV-13 air conditioner filter as it can be very helpful to avoid such problem just like this one.

Extended Usage – what this actually means is that, the longer the system is being used, the higher the energy is being consumed. The fact is that, most of house holders are not actually aware of this, though some may be aware, but they are only a handful. It will be better to regularly change your filter to resolve this issue and avoid such thing from happening again.

Filters Collapsing – most of the time, this kind of situation frequently happens when the system has been put into used for a long time and dirt accumulated in it restricted the air flow so badly that the dirt is actually sucked right out the filter rack. Changing your filters regularly and using high quality air conditioning filters would be the best solution to this problem.

Unit Suddenly Stops Cooling – a number of air conditioning manufacturers are pre-installing their models with a Freeze Stats feature, which will help avoid icing of units. In the point when the evaporator temperature hits a low level, the thermostat will be open and it would not allow the compressor to function for the meantime. Now, in the event that the evaporator temps return to its original range, the thermostat will be close and the air conditioner returns to its normal operation.

Can These Issues Be Prevented?

If you are currently experiencing the hottest part of the day and your air conditioner suddenly stops because of the any given problems stated above, no doubt that this will be very inconvenient. Luckily, you can avoid such problem to happen by simply using MERV-13 air conditioner filter. This is the only way for you to maintain the quality of your ac unit and enjoy a comfortable living.

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